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Using JAXA Images

♦ Conditions for material usage

The copyright of all the materials on the JAXA Digital Archives including texts, illustrations, images, sounds and videos belongs to JAXA, unless noted otherwise, and are protected by the copyright law and international treaties. Please follow the conditions listed below for the use of these materials.

  1. These materials can be used freely for personal use or educational activities such as school lessons. In other words, the materials can be used without JAXA's permission in terms of copyright law, if the usage is limited to academic study/educational activities and personal usage (e.g. activities such as printing out JAXA's materials from Digital Archives or saving them on a hard disc, etc. in order to use them in a class for a non-profitable educational organization such as schools or in limited purposes for personal, domestic and similar usages.)
  2. These materials can also be used without JAXA's permission if the usage is limited to the media including newspaper companies and broadcasters to solely cover JAXA activities.
  3. If usage is for other purposes than those described in the above Clause 1 or 2, please send your application through "Using JAXA Imagery" below.
  4. Materials related to specific persons such as astronauts can not be used without separate prior permission from JAXA in order to protect personal publicity/portrait rights.
  5. The JAXA logo is a registered trademark in Japan and other countries. It is not available for the general public to use unless prior permission is received from the trademark holder (JAXA).
  6. Please note that we may charge a fee for the usage of these materials for business or profit-making purposes. For more details, please click here.
  7. We strictly prohibit the use of JAXA's materials for the following purposes:
    • To use them to support, recommend, abuse or injure a specific person, group or organization's activities.
    • To use them for the purpose or in a form against public order and standards of decency.
    • To use them in a manner to create misunderstanding about JAXA's activities and Japanese Space Development projects.
    • To use them in a manner which may reduce the quality of the image or the trustworthiness of JAXA, or which may interfere with a specific person or organization's rights. (Note that this includes using research results, including academic researching theses, from this web site as though they were your own results or treating them in a manner that could lead to misunderstanding.)
    Please be aware that we will immediately require you to stop using JAXA materials if we find that your usage is for the purposes explained above.
  8. Please indicate "(C) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)", "(C) JAXA" when using our material to clarify the source.
    When the material is credited as a common copy-righted material between another organization and JAXA, please indicate both sources. (Ex.: (C) JAXA/NAOJ)
  9. If the material is provided by another organization apart from JAXA, we can not authorize its use. Please contact the respective organization for usage of such materials.
  10. When the material is provided by NASA, please follow NASA guidelines.
    Media Usage Guidelines
  11. Apart from placing a credit on the image, the modification of JAXA materials including texts, illustrations, images, sound and videos is strictly prohibited. These modifications include the trimming of such materials (e.g. changing the ratio of length and width, cropping the image and making a collage of the original image, etc. to damage the original image) and changing or reversing image colors.
    We are also not liable for any losses caused by using the registered materials.
  12. If there is a note in the comment column for imagery, please follow the directions written there.
  13. JAXA does not guaranty the reliability or safety of any material registered here.
  14. You can not freely distribute the materials available from JAXA Digital Archives without JAXA's permission.
  15. 15. Please also refer to JAXA's web site policy for the use of materials on the JAXA website.

♦ Using JAXA Imagery

If the usage of JAXA materials is for other purposes than for academic research, educational activities, personal use, or media coverage, please follow the application procedures below.
For inquiries, please contact the JAXA Imagery Service.
* If you wish to download imagery from JAXA Digital Archives for the purpose of media coverage, academic research, educational activities or personal use, you are not required to go through the application process below.

  1. Introduction
    Please read the above "Conditions for Material Usage" before sending in an application.
  2. How to Application
    If you plan to use JAXA material for business or profit-making purposes (with fees), please read "Contract" below.
    Except for business/profit making purposes, please proceed to the "Online Application." when it is used excluding the profit-pursuing purpose.
    If you cannot find something you are looking for, or, if you are not sure if you purpose is categorized as "profit-making," please contact the following.

    [JAXA Imagery Service]
    Japan Space Forum, JAXA Imagery Service
    Shin-ochanomizu Urban Trinity Building, 2F
    3-2-1 Kanda-Surugadai Chiyoda-ku Tokyo 101-0062, Japan
    TEL: 03-6206-4915 (in Japan or +81-3-6206-4915 from overseas)
    FAX: 03-5296-7010 (in Japan or +81-3-5296-7010 from overseas)
    Open hours: 9:30 a.m. to 12:15 p.m., 1:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. (* Counter services are not available on Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays.)(Japan Standard Time)

    >> Inquiry form
    *JAXA commissions the operation of JAXA Digital Archives to Japan Space Forum.

  3. Online application
    • For online applications, please fill in necessary items, then click "Submit."
    • We will send you an "Online application confirmation" to your registered e-mail address. Please check the content of the message, and click the URL shown in it. Your application will be registered.
    • After the final registration, you will receive an "Online application completion" message.
  4. Material provision
    It will take about two to three business days till you receive imagery after we confirm the application contents (including the reference documents explained above.) In the case of a video/movie, you are asked to bring your own medium to our office for copying. Concerning still images, we send them through an image file web shipping service. If you wish to have still images on a medium, you will be responsible for any handling and transportation fees.
    If we provide our material to you with some fees, we cannot approve usage of your requested material until a "Letter of Agreement for Material Use" in "Contract" below is issued. If you urgently need some material, please contact the person in charge at the JAXA Imagery Service.
  5. Conditions of use
    Please make sure to indicate a credit in the imagery when you use JAXA materials. Credit indication methods may vary from material to material (video or still image.) Please confirm this with the person in charge.
    Also, if you wish to use the material for a different purpose, please reapply for that use again even if it is for the same material.
  6. Request for a copy of a magazine/movie
    In order for us to confirm the contents of your material use, and also for our reference for the future, we would appreciate it if you could provide us with a copy of your magazine/movie/DVD and other medium in which JAXA materials are used. Please send a copy to the following.

  7. Contract (Provision with fees)
    JAXA provides materials for a fee if the purpose of their use is for business or profit making. Please contact the following.
    >> Inquiry Form (JAXA new entreprise promotion department)

  8. Off-line application form... If "Online Application" is not available ...
    If you have difficulties using the "Online Application" due to communication line glitches or other factors, please fill in the following "Off-line application form" and fax it to us (03-5296-7010 in Japan, or +81-3-5296-7010 from overseas.)
    >> Off-line application form